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Feminist Archive  2016-2023

A photographic archive of feminist protest in Mexico City from 2016 -onwards

Históricas is the personal photographic archive of the artist and activist Cerrucha, who has independently documented the protests of the feminist movement in Mexico City since 2016. It is necessary to put yourself out there by being part of the protests and, at the same time, record the vertiginous change in the ways of taking over the public space and of manifesting.  The desire to capture this is born from the will to add a visual memory, from a self-representation, to the geneaology of the feminist struggle in Mexico. Producing a counter-narrative to the official story told by the mass media, that generally demerits the actions of the movement. The photographic archive tells our version of events and this to recognize ourselves as part of the portrait of our country, is to go out and take the photo, is to make, and tell our story at the same time.


International Women's Day, March 8th.


March of Silence, September 8th & Feminist Bike Ride, February 1st.


1st Women's Gathering, Zapatista territory, Chiapas, MEX.