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Art as a Weapon of Mass Construction (AWMC)  2020

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Program hosted through Instagram Live and IGTV where I interview artists / activists from the Global South.


Time: Anounced beforehand for each episode.

(It will change according to the interviewee´s time zone.) 


“Art as a Weapon of Mass Construction" (AACM by its acronym in Spanish ) was born from the need to establish a connection between activist artists from the Global South regarding projects that make politics through art. It is triggered by the current pandemic, but the concern to listen to each other and find our common ground and learn from our strategies existed long before. Creative political protest is not the same as art that talks about politics, or art that does politics. They are very different things and in this talk show we'll focus on the latter: doing politics through art. It's not more politics and less art, it's not more art and less politics, it's giving the same weight to both aspects and creating from there. Throughout history, art has served as a fundamental tool for social transformation. And it still is. Who are the artists who shape current politics through art projects? In this program we will be talking with activist artists from the five continents. The main objective is to travel around the world from project to project to get to know the different socio-cultural contexts and their problems, and see how each artist addresses them. We will talk about the challenges involved in making activist art, the commitment, the need for expression, aesthetics, and the issues that interest each artist. We are diverse, we live in different contexts, we approach problems that have the same roots in different ways. Let's get to know each other and share how we are using art as a weapon of mass construction.

Interviews: MEXICO

August, 2020

A month dedicated to Mexican artists because I like to start my projects locally. 


September, 2020

Interviews: AFRICA

October, 2020


Most of the existing platforms that talk about activist art are in English. Therefore, as a political stance, this talk show will be conducted in the languages spoken by each artist (to the extent possible for the interviewer). The project is from and for the Global South, it intends to get to know each other and connect us in multiple ways. Subtitles in English will be made available with the idea that the mainstream also understands what we are communicating in order to make our practices more visible, but not focusing on them. We will no longer give measures in "Empire States," inches or take the United States or Europe as a barometer. AACM seeks to establish horizontal connections, where we support our practices and recognize their importance and contributions. Likewise, AACM is an activist art project in itself: it seeks to link, be intersectional, transloving, and a space to celebrate difference. It aims to create connections between activist artists where we can build togetherness, can be heard and listen to other people, and where our common need to contribute to the community is shared with many others. 

We are not islands, we are  a  r   c   h    ipi    é    l   a   g          o       s, Pangeas. We are many worlds and at the same time, we share one.

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