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2R (RWomen´s network reclaiming public space)  2015

Series of seven photographs that make up a visual campaign against sexual harassment.

Campaign against sexual harassment on public space and public transport.

a collaboration with Habitajes A.C.

This visual campaign is the result of a workshop titled: "Reaproppriation of public space in face of sexual harassment in public transportation" given by the organizations Habitajes AC and CoHabita DF who invited CERRUCHA to participate by giving one of the workshop´s modules. Twenty women* living in Mexico City from different ages, occupations and backgrounds worked together towards the development of a campaing against sexual harassment. The workhsop took women on a journey from acknowledgement, understanding and healing all the way to creating a collaborative art project. The arwork consists in a series of photographs created by CERRUCHA, portraying the women* participating in the workshop, inviting other women to reflect upon the importance of being empowered and reappropriating public spaces and public transportation with a sense of safety and freedom.
*any person that self identifies as a woman

Performance at the Zócalo Plaza, in Mexico City on Sept. 5th, 2015

s part of the workshop we made a performance in public space at Mexico City´s biggest plaza, El Zócalo. Participants, organizers, family and friends went to the streets to reclaim public space for women* and raise our voices regarding sexual harassment. We carried umbrellas reading the phrase: Space is public, my body is not. We marched while we repeated the phrases that are seen on the tattoos in the images above and together reclaimed our right to public space.
*any person that self identifies as a woman

Photos of the performance we did at the Zócalo Plaza on the 5th of Sept., 2015 in Mexico City. 
Photo documentation by Colectivo Producciones y Milagros Agrupación Feminista A.C.
Video of the project from start to finish, including the workshop. Documented by: Habitajes AC - Patricia Balderas

This project is an initiative by the organizations Habitajes AC and CoHabita DF. As an artist I was one of the three panelists who gave the workshop and I had the opportunity to guide the participants into a collaborative artistic work that resulted in the making of the images and the performance. This collaborative project led to the formal creation of the 2R (Red Reapropiaciones) - a network of women that work collectively to reclaim public space. Thank you to Yucari Millán-Horita, Patricia Balderas, Gabriela Duhart Herrera and Emmanuel Audelo who invited me to collaborate on this project and to all the beautiful souls that are now part of 2R, you give me hope, smiles and power. 

This project was co-financed by Indesol and received support from Inmujeres DF, Centro Cultural España and the Human Rights Comission in Mexico City (CDHDF).

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