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under CONSTRUCTION  2018

Documentation: Public art intervention with photomurals and sound art, Me Sobra Barrio Program, Centro de la Imagen, 2019, Mexico City.

Collective production of three photomurals with sound, based on workshops with people who investigate the socio-political construction of the notion of gender from a feminist perspective.


under CONSTRUCTION is an art project that incorporates photography and sound art to create community-based large-scale murals that will be exhibited in public spaces in Mexico City. Throughout the past two years I have created a collaborative methodology where I have invited women and the LGBTTTIQ+ community to reflect on the concept of the personal as political; sharing the processes they have undergone while identifying oppressive power relations in their personal lives regarding gender, as well as clarifying basic concepts of gender equality. These narratives are merged into a soundtrack that plays next to the monumental photo collages; for which I have taken the participant’s portraits and integrated them along with visual imagery of various marches in Mexico City. 

Up to date there are 50 participants that represent a cross-section of views, ethnic, sociocultural and economic backgrounds, ages and body types with whom I have conducted interviews and offered creative workshops where we developed the visual imagery that has shaped the photo-murals.

Photomural 1: Sister I believe you
Sound art (scanned from the image)
Photomural 2: We Are United
Photomural 3: Lets have an abortion
Tour of the murals in the artistic residency program Me Sobra Barrio, Centro de la Imagen, Mexico City.
Process: Workshops given at Punto Gozadera.
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