TEXō  2013

Participatory intervention at the CompArte Zapatista Festival 2017, San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico. Languages: Tzeltal and Spanish.

Texō: Tattoos against sexism and discrimination

Through a social intervention in public space the artist tattoos sexist and discriminatory phrases on passersby. The phrases are chosen according to the city where the action takes place and its objective is to open the discussion regarding how we perpetuate sexism and discriminate through language in our everyday lives and how we can collectively rethink our use of language to transform it.



The artist uses a collaborative approach to this social intervention where she offers free temporary tattoos to passersby without them knowing the content of the phrases to be tattooed on them. The chosen phrases are sexist and discriminatory ones commonly used in the city where the action takes place. The participants have the choice to either keep the tattoo or come up with an alternative phrase that means the same thing without being discriminatory in any way before the tattoo dries and sets in. In which case the alternative phrase will become part of a list that will be sent to all the participants, and the tattoo will be removed. Throughout the process the artist invites the participant as well as viewers to reflect about their use of language collectively, and to think of new ways to make it inclusive in order to combat sexism and discrimination with our everyday actions.

Participatory intervention: Workshop at the Centro Cultural de España en México. Collaboration with the collective Las Cirujanas, 2016, Mexico City. Language: SPANISH.
Participatory intervention: Démocrastie Exhibition, Montréal, CAN, 2016. Language: FRENCH.