Bio / CV

artist and feminist activist

CERRUCHA: this word comes from the latin cer “to be”, cerrucha “a saw” f.; a hand tool that uses art to deconstruct mindframes; toothed blade that subversively talks to your senses: CERRUCHA, present tense of the verb cerruchar – to saw through fixed ideals promoting a critical analysis about our surroundings, an invitation to see yourself in the other.


I´m a feminist artivist working primarily with photography, performance, installation and dialogic art. I intervene public space by creating experiences that foster engagement and dialogue where the audience can become active in cultural production. Through the incorporation of participatory practices into my projects I have become a facilitator, taking human relations as a point of departure to explore the social construct of Otherness and it's intersectionality with gender, race, class and decoloniality through a collective approach. My project “Mapping Skin Deep” was nominated for the Award for Public Art 2017 (USA/China). I hold a BFA in Photography by Concordia University (CA) and besides my artistic practice, I work as community activist, gender equality and anti-oppression facilitator and consultant for various organizations such as the Diversity Lab (UNAM University, Mexico City) and have received commissions from UN Women France, Exterior Relations Secretariat in Mexico City and have created gender equality campaigns for the Mexican Congress. My latest project “Trench” is a permanent public art photographic installation that covers a whole train of Mexico City's subway system as part of the Tiempo de Mujeres Festival, 2020.