Glitter Justice 2019

Series of 10 diptychs

Diptychs portraying moments during the feminist protest on August 16th, 2019 in Mexico City and the aftermath where the Monument of Independence was intervened.

On August 16th, 2019 Mexico City´s staple monument, the Ángel de la Independencia, was drenched in paint during a demonstration demanding a stop to gender violence. A police station was set on fire and a bus station torn down. The morning after the City was shocked by the monument’s defacement. The government set up barricades closing it down.


I was granted access to photograph the monument after its closedown and before its renovations. “Glitter Justice” merges into color diptychs, the during and the aftermath of the protest. The diptychs are wheat pasted onto frames covered in black and white images from feminist protests of the past five years taken from my personal archive. Encompassing each piece onto self-contained archives of the feminist movement´s history.


During an exhibition I invited the public to intervene the artworks. The result is a representation of Mexico´s polarized society, where many comments support the actions depicted on the images, while others disapprove. I did not include spray paint on the materials provided. Nonetheless one of my artworks was “tagged” completely with spray paint by one of the men that run the gallery. Adding to the layered meaning of the piece, becoming a battleground in itself. 

The revolution is feminist

Installation: Diptychs of Glitter Justice
Glitter Justice was part of the exhibition "Until dignity becomes a custom," where it was intervened by the public, becoming layered artworks of the history of feminist social movements in Mexico City.