InVisible II  2012

Series of 10 photos with tattoos reading sexist phrases in 10 different languages.

IN-VISIBLE examines the role of language in perpetuating misogyny. 

In-Visible portrays individuals from diverse backgrounds with phrases tattooed over their bodies. Phrases which are used on a regular basis in each one of the participant’s countries of origin, some of them are subtler than others, but they all have the essence of a sexist behavior. It is through the repetition of these sayings that misogynistic concepts are embedded in people’s consciousness, which later on translate into the normalization of psychological or physical violence. People are raised with a line of thought in which “You cry like a girl,” “You’re such a pussy,” “She’s my ball and chain,” or doing certain things are considered “gay” because they are thought to be exclusively feminine, consequently feeding misogyny and homophobia. 



I intend to make the viewer reflect about how this kind of upbringing affects us all regardless of our gender. I believe that we need to question our ways in order to reshape society. By playing with the concept of tattooing, IN-VISIBLE creates a visual metaphor in which the individuals portrayed are psychologically tattooed by the every day phrases they have written on their skin.  



By eliminating certain words, rethinking the way we use language and renaming the world in an inclusive, non-misogynistic and more equalitarian way, we can start changing people’s mindset.

Documentation: Exhibition in the Mexico Space of the Mexican Embassy in Montréal, CAN, 2012.