Fanzine Martha 2016

A fanzine created with women at the Santa Martha Acatitla prision in Mexico City.

Límites Cruzados, Límites Respetados (Crossed limits, Respected limits) is the third and last publication of the Fanzine Martha series by Habitajes. In December 2016 CERRUCHA led a series of workshops with incarcerated women from the Santa Martha Acatitla prision in Mexico City. The participants explored their body as a compass that signals with emotions whenever their personal limits are about to be crossed and/or respected. Through photography and creative pedagogical tools, the women were able to express themselves and share their knowledge.


The fanzines were distributed in neighborhoods where the participants' come from, places that face the highest risk of incarceration in the city, bridging communication between the incarcerated women and their community, acting both as a tool for self-representation and as a preventive method for crimes and violence.

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