ACTIVE Workshops

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Socially engaged art development workshop


Dates: Monday´s from the 5th of April until the 24th of May, 2021

Time: 6pm- 8: 15pm CDMX 


Maximum number of participants: 12


Language: Spanish

In collaboration with:


As an artist I have being researching ways in which Art can be applied to the everyday political life, not only as its dispositive for self-reflection but as a way to generate and install models for social interactions that could provide new ways to engage with utopia.

- Tania Bruguera, Artist statement, 2009 - 

Who is this for? 

Artists and creatives of all walks of life within the audio-visual, fine art, sound and performing arts who seek to contribute to a social transformation through their work.


In this workshop participants will give shape to a socially engaged art project. 

AWMC - The Workshop - aims to create a space for research, experimentation and for the development of socially engaged art projects through a feminist, anti-racist, decolonial and intersectional lens.


The workshop is a horizontal site for reflection on our socio-political environment at both an individual and collective level where we can explore various artistic tools and generate strategies to make a contribution through our creativity, adapting ourselves to the present time of uncertainty and change.


Through Cerrucha´s unique and playful methodology and continuous collective feedback, students will learn to organize their ideas and develop a specific strategy to carry out their work. The sessions will be primarily practical, focused on creative and analytical exercises that provide a solid framework for their ideas to evolve from conception to action design. Participants are expected to present their progress to their peers and receive constructive feedback while Cerrucha makes a thorough follow-up on each project during the sessions. 


Participants can apply with an idea that has already started or create one from scratch according to their personal interests. They shall consider dedicating additional time during the week for exercises, peer connection, and to work on their projects.


AWMC - The Workshop - is an ARTivist project in itself.

One of the main objectives of this workshop is to build a support system where the participants become a community they can count on for continuous feedback for their projects. The creation of this communal space for reflection is key to contravene our present context of social distancing due to the Covid-19 pandemic. As an ARTivist, my projects seek to act as platforms for human connection, this is one of the many ways I use art as a tool to build bridges between people that have similar interests in weaving art and activism, to bond and find a safe space to share their ideas and concerns.


RoFa Projects Gallery

AWMC – The Workshop and RoFa Projects Gallery (Maryland, USA) join forces to visibilize the work and elevate the artistic practice of the participants. The projects that come out from this workshop will be taken into consideration to be part of RoFa Project´s new exhibition space “La Morada,” providing an opportunity to be reviewed by an international gallery. One that is also part of Art Focus Latin America, an alliance of galleries from: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Uruguay and the United States, who´s main objective is the promotion and development of art from the Americas in a collaborative way.

Cerrucha is part of FrentA, a coalition of artists and culture workers based in Mexico who came together in 2020 to face the challenges of the pandemic, and generate alternative ways of living in the world to come. Created by María Minera and Lorena Wolffer, FrentA are Vivian Abenshunshan, Julia Antivilo, Paloma Contreras, Cerrucha, Bárbara Hernández, Tamara Ibarra, Magali Lara, Mónica Mayer, Mónica Nepote and Ixel Rion. 


8 Sessions


We will examine the work of artistic activists throughout the sessions.



Module 1: The personal

Session 1


Socially engaged art - background

Who we are as a group


Session 2

Presentation of ideas and/or projects

Identifying your drive, needs and field of action

Weaving art and activism together


Module 2: The public / The participants

Session 3

Identifying who you are talking to and collaborators

Politics of representation

Strategies: message delivery


Session 4

Establishing a relationship with participants in your projects

Politics of care and respect

Avoiding extractivism

Project presentation, feedback and questions



Module 3: The political

Session 5


The faces of opression

Project presentation, feedback and questions (continuation)


Session 6


Artistic/political stance




Module 4 : The media and the artistic discourse

Session 7


Creative strategies

Spheres of action

Portfolio do´s and don’ts


Session 8  (3hrs)

Final Project presentations and feedback

Establishing our community

I´m grateful for the opportunity you gave me to be part of the workshop and connect with my colleagues in a very new way for me. I think you were very generous, you gave many examples, and what you shared with us has triggered an important reflection processes for me. I have always moved in a more "traditional" field within art management and having met the other participants has been one of the best things to navigate this difficult season.

- Cynthia Martínez - 


Project: Las licuamanas




Cost: $200 USD

2 scholarships of 50% *



Payments can be made via PayPal (+ 5% commission) or via bank transfer.


Limited space: maximum 12 people


Payments: 50% of the total amount must be covered to get registered. The second half should be covered before starting the workshop.


Cancellation policy: The registration fee is refundable (minus a 20% service charge) up to 5 days before the workshop in order to give space for other people who want to take part.


* In case you need financial aid please send me an email  to  stating your situation. It will be considered regarding the two 50% scholarships I will be granting.

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Thank you for your interest!

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